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INTERPLANNER’S origin started in the Red Square in Moscow, the Hermitage in former Leningrad, Charles Bridge in Prague, Chopin’s birthplace in Poland, Cismigiu Gardens in Bucharest, Alexander Nevsky Church in Sofia, the Buda Hills in Budapest and at the Great Wall of China.

Our extensive experience in travel to the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe & The People’s Republic of China placed us as the choice tour company for the State Department – USIA-AID Recreation Association in the 70’s and again for the Foreign Affairs Recreation Association in the 80’s. Interplanner built a bridge between the U.S, Soviet Union and China by bringing teachers and diplomats closer to a society long closed to the west. We are proud to have set foot in Chinese soil before diplomatic relations between the U.S. and China became a historical moment by President Richard Nixon’s Shanghai Communiqué.

Interplanner’s beginning with Cuba started with the historical invitation extended by the Cuban government to Alex Lopez, president of Interplanner on November 16, 1976. This historical event placed Interplanner as the first and longest provider of travel related services to Cuba in the USA. We conducted the first travel agent familiarization tour of Cuba in 1977 after President Jimmy Carter lifted the travel restrictions at the invitation of Cubatur, the official Cuban tour operator at the time. In 1979 we were selected to organize the transportation of the U.N. Missions attending the 6th Summit of the Non-Aligned Nations in Havana, which brought Cubana Airlines to John F. Kennedy Airport for the first time since diplomatic relation between the U.S. and Cuba were broken in 1961. The lifting of restrictions allowed Interplanner to operate an infinite amount of cultural, educational, Cuban government and professional delegations to and from Cuba as well as arranging travel logistics for the National Ballet of Cuba’s U.S. visits. Interplanner was also appointed as the representative of Cubana Airlines in the U.S. in the 70’s.

Interplanner continued its sociopolitical road to also include the travel for the Quadripartite Conference bringing together to New York the Cuban and Angolan delegations for the historical peace accord. We must also mention official visits of Cuban Leader Fidel Castro Ruz, to the U.N. General Assembly, the visit of the late president of the newly formed Burkina Faso, Thomas Sankara and president Daniel Ortega’s visit to Washington, DC.  In 1993 Interplanner was chosen to handle the official travel arrangements for Cuba’s delegation to the Disarmament Conference at the U.N.

Today Interplanner continues to handle travel arrangements for prestigious U.S. state government agricultural organizations, scholars, U.S Senate, prominent actors, directors and producers. We remain Cuba’s Historical Travel Company

We survived the re-impositions of travel restrictions in 1982 by President Ronald Reagan by reducing staff and business as well as further restrictions in 2004 by President George W. Bush. Today as a licensed Cuba Travel Provider by the U.S. Treasury Department we continue our quest to bringing the U.S. and Cuba closer together in the hope that one day we will again be good neighbors and trade partners.



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